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                                                                                           hosts the City of Wetumpka’s annual Mardi Gras Festival and Parade. 


The Order of Cimarrón - Our History


With remnants of French history scattered throughout the City of Wetumpka, Alabama combined with the area’s rich Creek Indian heritage, The Order wanted a name that reflected both legacies. 


The Order also wanted a name that was unique to the group that chartered this organization. To that end, we chose the name Cimarrón.


What is a Cimarrón?


Cimarrón is a Spanish term used to describe runaways or the “wild ones” and is historically used by certain Native American groups in Florida.  Seminole, for instance is a corruption of the word Cimarrón. And just as they made the word their own, their identity is one built upon the Cimarróns who made their way to Florida from tribes throughout the Gulf Coast area. 


The OOC - Our Future


We were founded in February 2012 and have been a parading order ever since. Our parade is always held the last Saturday before Fat Tuesday and has grown exponentially throughout the years. As our parade has grown, so has our membership. This group of Wild Ones, Runaways, Cimarróns began with 12 charter members meeting at different homes to lay the foundation and create our bylaws, The OOC’s roster now exceeds 30 and adds new members annually. 


Order of Cimarrón